#ISIS in disarray – an update


Kurds are turning out to be the right set of rebels. Given the right support, some badly needed (specific) weapons, and guidance on where to target, they will survive to wreck havoc on ISIS. Albeit to the trepidating fury of the Sunnis, Turks, Shias and Syrians. But for now, the Kurds are good keeping their grounds and not getting lured into “house clearing” with ISIS.

They, the Kurds, are turning out to be the BAIT that ISIS can’t ignore without yielding grounds. And as a good set of REBELS to support (ala White House) they are playing it up and sustaining it so well…leaving ISIS with no option then to pull in diverse resources. Even then their troops form other areas are getting smashed as soon as they emerge.

And as I speak, ISIS command and network is in disarray.

The picture is if they bring out those field guns (abandoned American Howitzers) they get smashed from the air. If they set up Russian anti-aircraft guns, they get smashed.

Should they divert tracked armor (Abrams tanks) Humvee and all now, or wait to mix it up with American/British boots – if and when they are deploy is the burning question at the moment. As for 8000 stinger missiles, they are no good sighting them against Kurdish mobile artillery – that is mounted cannons on Camel.

The Kurds will get their own state this time around.

And guess what! they are next door to Georgia, Armenia and Iran, so I see the next NATO monitoring base for Central Asia and all Turkic speaking area.

I also see a new air corridor in Kurdistan, should Russia decide to close it’s air space.


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