#Latest update: #GutMojo on #AngelList

This is a brief, read full detail, see video and screenshots at angel.co and Kickstarter.com

Dear Friends,

Six months ago, I started building a mobile browser for the use of students, travelers, those living on a budget and also first time voters.

So far I have completed part of the browser. I called it GUTMOJO and courtesy of Apple, Goggle, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, I have been most active in places like India, Indonesia and Brazil. I am also making headway in stormy areas like China, Russia, Europe and the US.

Despite the lack of budget for marketing and full product development, I am proud to say GUTMOJO turned out to be a mobile app browser works fine offline and online. Allows any user to browse inside other apps with guaranteed privacy. Has features that allow push notification, file conversion with downloadable map and content streaming.

As a newsreader, it collates news from sources all over the world, filter out junks, and intelligently update and stream the user’s selected choice of news directly onto a mobile platform.

There are many more features, but for now, GUTMOJO.COM is the browser’s search directory, SEO and a shopping mall for all mobile platforms.

I am still working to develop other parts of this browser, but cannot continue without reaching out to turn friends and members of the public into likely investors.

Your investment in this browser will aid product development and marketing, and I guarantee a reasonable equity in return.

Please feel free to read more about GutMojo at AngelList at angel.com or Kickstarter at Kickstarter.com and check out gutmojo.com to have a feel of what is on offer.

My regards,





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