The #Israeli #Iron Dome as I see it

Pragmatically thinking, the Iron Dome is doing a great job. And could do a lot better if Israeli engineers could look over the Iron Dome again, tweak the radar, the command post’ console and reconfigure the launcher a bit, they will see they have all they need to over ride whatever network (mechanical or electrical) that is behind the launching of missiles from Gaza. They can then intrude to intercept the missiles in flight and at an earlier trajectory, redirect it back to source via a airborne platform – a UAV or an MAV by setting off something akin to an exothermal aurora.

Like the Russian test of 2011 in Orenburg, the aim is to ride over or stay over the missile path (not under) cover an area of about 3km and electronically collect multiple source of launch at the same time redirect all incendiaries back to source.

Not only will they be able to save tax payers a lot of money – considering the cost of each missiles launched, they will also be saving themselves from sending ground troops and also from the embarrassment of being called cruel.



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