An open letter to Every One

Dearest Every One,

You must have heard me on YouTube talking about Made in Urbana: Post-Google, post-Microsoft and post-Facebook mobile apps. Well, to set the record straight, I am not anti-Google, anti-Facebook or anti Microsoft Outlook, no. I am just a developer and with my apps, GutMojo, iGiggled and Margrit Vogt, I will say, I am just redrafting how we use the web without really rocking to re-craft the World Wide Web. The web, the software and the platform is still there, and it will always be there for everyone to use.

But how we chose to use it and protect our privacy is what interest me the most. And that’s what I’ve just focused on with my apps.

See, what is unique about these apps is that: they are humanoid assistants with “off-grid, on-grid and pro-privacy” leanings. To the public, yes, new trend in technology. But as an undercurrent, it has been running from day one internet started – so, not new. It is more like an intranet thing and I’ve just moved us back into that zone.

For example app “Margrit Vogt” is a teaching aid. It is in Apple store worldwide now. Allows a teacher, an instructor or a professor to digitally do a lot of things – right from inside the app on his or her phone and tablet. It is in Apple stores worldwide now… And guess what! I’m not done with the features yet. I still have tons and tons of features to load the app with.

The other app, GutMojo, is a college student’s mobile mini-browser. It is suitable for teenagers from the age of fifteen upwards. And it can also be used by anyone looking for a deal or any type of bargain. GutMojo by itself has tons of capabilities on the go.

As for iGiggled, it is the ultimate app for a new born baby. Put family album under a different light. It is the baby care/household focused app that allows every member of the family to keep contact and stay in touch with each other all day long without using up that family phone plan. Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T. No. Multiple users like nannies, baby sitters, family drivers, maids, busy parents or any authorized user could operate easily from inside the app.

See, in my world, Every Body a Celebrity, Every Fellow a Prince – all worthy of an app, two, three or five. Give me a head up @GutMojo and I’ll fit you up with a bespoke app, tailored to your taste.

And before I forget, my app works offline, online and on all platforms. GutMojo and Margrit Vogt are also available in the Google play storefront as android apps. iGiggled would be launched anytime now.

For more information about investing or wanting a bespoke app for your family, your loved one or your company, please do not hesitate to contact me – Abbey Laurel-Smith at

I’ll be too happy to fit you up with an app most Presidents will be jealous of.

In a week or two, I guarantee you’ll be operating from inside the safety of your own app.

That’s my story so far. I hope to hear from you soon.

Meanwhile, happy cheers! Every One!



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