The Vulture and the Eagle contd. (un-edited)

The Cupertino based Apple, is a good example of what we need for a call to end to all lines of thinking originating from the Aegean Sea, the Bosphorus and anywhere in the Med. Enough is enough! There is the talk about Asian pivot, but somehow we still get dragged into old world of “border raid and traditional bickering.” I am talking of Ukraine, Iran and others like it.

My attitude is, if our allies are still stuck in their old ways, then it not ours or anybody’s responsibility to help open up a competing trade route to China, Asia.

Forget about NATO. Start an ASPAC. Keep China out and bottled up in their own waters unless they rescind their interest in Taiwan, Okinawa and others islands – Hawaii included. Also, North Korea is less than two hundred miles away from Sarah Palin’s cooking pot. We have a rogue neighbor. We share a common territory. And guess what! I’ve just moved Her Majesty’s border post from Victoria Island back to Hong Kong.

That is why I sketched out the story about the Vulture and the Eagle. Americans, for example are used to the idea of a galant Eagle. They have never been allowed the better side of the Vulture. Whereas in Europe it is different. You harness the quality of both the Eagle and the Vulture to rule the realm. Jove and Hercules are good examples of how Romans used both qualities to bring stability and prosperity to the empire.

Countries like Russia, Great Britain, Israel, France, Germany and a few others have Prime Ministers and Presidents, so none could be seen a brute – or an Eagle ruling the realm. Last time an Eagle raised it’s head in the likes of Napoleon and Hitler, they got quashed. That’s probably why they run to this part of the world begging a “Cop for hire” on one hand, while on the other, their sons and daughters are bagging PHD’s…becoming engineers leaving the “Cop for hire” with the choice of being a machinist – a tool head, a bare knuckle duster and nothing more.

The President as I see it, is a Vulture playing another Vulture – a Mr. Putin, I believe.

Now what happens when two Vultures are at the poker table? Well, the answer is at play in Ukraine. And we better get use to this style. We’ll see more. Mr. Putin hasn’t march into Paris yet, so I don’t have to worry about all my French girlies and their passion for minimal make up, but then I have a couple of Nikita’s too. And you bet! do I not love them all?

The truth is, Eagles and Vultures are not just birds. They are from the same family line. Share the same traits and not too different from each other. Except one thing – the Eagle has a physical “flying” prowess that makes it exuberant, disconnected and arrogant.

Whereas the Vulture is the opposite. A humble mid level flyer. Knows the terrain below it too well as it is never far from its heated resources. Respects the air space above it, because of the cooling opportunity it provides.

The heroic Eagle hunt alone, and with a brute force – bring misfortune on it’s victim. The lack luster Vulture is cumbersome, slow, annoying but blessed with the charm of diplomacy.

The Vulture hang around in packs. Wait patiently before swarm up on a dead prey. And so is not seen as responsible for whatever fate might have led to the end of the victim…



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