The Vulture and the Eagle (un-edited)

After flying all year round, the tired Eagle on it’s way to hibernate, dropped a bagel on top of a moving target on Madison av. Sadly, it turned out to be Al-Kebabish’s shinning bald head. Saving energy and trying no to hurry to it’s latest kill, the Eagle took time to turn in the air before descending to pick up it’s supposed to be dead prey.

Finally, it got to the spot, but denied landing and access by a group of Vultures, the Eagle settled for a window ledge.

From the vantage point on the ledge, the Eagle noticed the leader of the pack of Vultures, snooping up on a horizontally challenged figure, a man, in fact Al-Kebabish – the Victim of the Eagle’s missile. “Hey, what happened to my kill?” The Eagle shouted. “Listen, you jack ass,” replied an enraged Vulture, “Don’t you know you put us all in danger of being hunted down if you start attacking people going about their jobs?” “Us! What d’you mean us? I am an Eagle. Not a scavenger like you lot!”

“Ah! See whose talking. Bad eyesight, old age or something?” Some in the Vulture pack murmured, as they silently shuffle towards the horizontally challenged figure. Al-Kebabish stirred. The Vulture pack stopped. “Oh Goodness me! He’s alive, …call the ambulance, will ya!.” The head of the Vulture pack shouted, then, skipped over to the side of Al-Kebabish’s cart.

Stunned, the remainder of the pack watched, as their leader swipe the misty side of the aluminum cooler with its feathers. Satisfied with the reflected mirror-like surface, the Vulture then turned to the curiously impatient Eagle on the window ledge and said, “surprised!” “At what?” Quipped the obviously irritated Eagle.

“The image. Our image. Including yours of course.” Said the leading Vulture as it mockingly turn to the rest of the pack and said, “we are a family of birds, aren’t we?” “Yeah!” They all replied in what sounded like E-minor and B-flat all together.

Clearly infuriated by the jolly pack of Vultures, the Eagle controlled itself – safe energy for now and for the coming season. A squirrel scuttles by…

The game play in New York City (the Mayor saying this… and the Governor saying that…) and the crises in Ukraine could be summed up in a manner similar to this….look out for my next set of un-edited posts)

ps: I have always believe in un-edited posts and quick sketches as a good way of seeing how a mind works. Editing is refining and polishing up on structure and the use of certain lingo. Sometimes, I see it as a sauce of battered fries or salad of some sort. Meanwhile I prefer this way. My way. Happy reading.



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