Call your Congressman (un-edited)

For the past few days, we’ve seen the display of charm, diplomacy and heroics. Level headed Diocletian and Maximian’s PTSD brought to fore. To the looking Chinese leader, “Putin played his card and the Gibbon, on the other side, faired well as King of sky and thunder.”

But aren’t banks and hospitals suppose to be off limit in times of war? Well, yes and no. So long as we keep generating the rules, I guarantee we won’t wake up one day to find Cuba our reason for tramping it all over Guantanamo.

See, given the fact that Russia provided the world with a couple of world class firsts. Then followed it up with alternatives, before capping it with ballerinas, vodka, AK’s, BTR’s and assorted mail order brides. I guess it should be more obvious to those who ought to know better – that the culture of packaging, re-org to rebrand is a Russian game. We can’t beat them to it.

But if the IMF and the Europeans are to help Ukraine settle it’s bills, then we might as well take the money before hand and from another source, rather than have tax payers foot the bill. So, the President went ahead and raided as many banks as only him could possible do – in broad day light and without a get away car.

Just like a scene in one of my movie scripts “bravo two zero, again!” or a page from my recent movie spec. “unbelievable.” Hopefully someone will be interested enough in military intrigues to want to direct the whole spec.

Anyway, back to point. Technology, finance, law, democracy and economics might have been… western values, so to,say. But then, that has moved on – away, from this shore. All we are left with now, is the manner of Odysseus.

In this case, I make reference to appearance politics and cunning diplomacy. And key professional players – John McCain and Lindsey Graham are top of my fitted targets.

The goal of “the great game” has always been to deny and restrict Russia access to the use of both Atlantic and Indian oceans. And that has worked so well until Gorbachev and Yeltsin played the Trojan horse. To them, the jugular was the Black Sea, but luckily for them, we got diverted, wasted three trillion dollars – blowing up tents and paying kids to go fetch land mines for us in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Obviously, they bought enough time to take initiative.

Now full encirclement and control of the Black Sea is happening and it’s impossible to do a thing – unless ….Putin, executed a three prong attack, rolls into France through Austria, the Swiss alps and Berlin. Why not? His Russian ancestors have done it many times in the past. And we don’t need to be reminded that the Black Sea is as important to the Russian Navy as it is critical to the existence of Russia as a nation.

So, if you are a voter, and you have a professional Congressman or Senator representing your corner of the United States. Join me, let’s vote all life-long Congressmen and Senators out of office.

Tell them, the problem of now wasn’t created by this current POTUS and his foreign policy direction as we’re being made to believe. He is just level headed enough to focus on rebuilding America by his choice of domestic policies. Sadly. He doesn’t even want to try to sell himself like the old guards in DC.

With this in mind, I implore you “people” to please pick up the phone, tell your Senator, change is not an option. This is post-modern America.



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