Education: part of my plan for homeworkny/usa (un-edited)

Pre-k and also Parental education I once said, “should be mandatory for single parents on both sides of the alley”. I advocated for mandatory parental preparation courses, because I see Pre-k ed. as one of those steps necessary for first five years of a child or any child.
As for parental education, I think, will be good for helping kids with home works and also helping parents catch up on what they lack educationally.

As Mayor, would have made this the next civil rights issue of our time. Would have negotiated a lease coverage – in exchange for had revenue, by extending services provided by the city’s Sanitation, Water, Sewerage, NYPD and a few other departments to states all over the country and to surrounding regions.

Otherwise how do you help grow a child to survive this inevitable Asian pivot of our time? How do you feature in the fast growing field of excellence with the rest of the world? How do you get people to participate more in the life of their kids in maths, English, basic science etc..? How do you prepare a child’s mind for the rigors and trysts of a charter school?

Too bad, my name got erased off the general election ballot after printing.

But if democrats are really interested in the house of rep. and controlling the senate, as they have done with a dem.-controlled NYC, then they should do more on grass root issues. Let Obama’s social workers and deBlasio’s trade union workers beat the pavement and stop watching young republicans polish off on English immersion classes for students who cannot speak English.

Distraction is and has always been a useful strategy. We all know bilingual education could be as important as replacing evolution and religious studies with the rigorous study of American history and the constitution.



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