…and the fashion world calls out to deBlasio (un-edited)

Couple of days ago, The New York Times claimed, “Ms. Wintour, Ms. von Furstenberg, Ms. Coles, Mr. Demsey, Mr. Rosen, Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein, Norma Kamali and the Barneys chief executive Mark Lee each gave money toward Christine Quinn’s 2013 political campaign, according to New York City Campaign Finance Board records. None of them gave money to Mr. de Blasio”…and now, they are actively looking for ways to snuggle up to the new Mayor.

Fine. The Mayor is for everybody. Open up to them. But do not forget your promise about your voters and their voting rights. Appearance politics might bring you friends and swell your campaign pocket, but might cost you your votes next time.

First, convicted felons and those who have paid their debt to the society should have their voting rights restored.

Second, do not forget to look into the ways and the manner the NYPD and the DA office gather info. needed to be looked into. It is due for a total overhaul. Collecting info. and relying on info. provided by landlords all over the city has been killing a lot of small businesses. Has ruined a lot of lives and has allowed the NYPD and the office of the DA to use the might of the city to force criminal record on people who have committed no offense.

Going about ones daily duty is not a crime. But Landlords have figured out many ways of getting tenets off their properties. Coming up with bogus misdemeanor/felony claims against a tenant, calling the detectives – so they could carry out an arrest, lock up the space, and call on the owner for info. later, is a common practice in Harlem and the rest of the city.

Third, the issue of IP and copyright infringement between artists and the fashion industry is an issue that’s got to be addressed. Ms. Wintour and her editor-at-large at Vogue has a reputation for not researching properly for source of design and looking the other way – when awarding prizes.



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