State of the Union address

Wait a minute! Did I just see the President threw a page from the book of Hosea at his critics, especially the evangelicals? Yes. I think he did. And guess what, it is not about marriage or or our relationship to the almighty, no. Neither is it about homosexuality as most have been drumming about. No. It is about rereading the book of Hosea in “a permissive society.”

One thing about permissive society is that it is a society where everything is allowed. And if we look right back to Biblical days, everything in this society have always thrived except “one thing” And that “one thing” is not homosexuality or immigration as many would have loved to believe. No. It is not social reform, as that is not what Christianity and being religious is all about. Neither is it redemption as Jesus preached.

It’s about the effect of the other thing Jesus acted upon “trade, Pharisees…” The President touched on income inequality because the rise of traders or let’s say a class of modern day Pharisees is now becoming the scourge of democracy…. as it was then and still is today.

Most employers have figured out that unemployment is the best way to maximize profit. And if you look at most employers/billionaires in our mist today, they have made more money (increased their pause ten times) in the last five years of this President.

So, if they choose not to employ people, then why not let them raise price on everything by one percent, raise minimum wage to $15 an hour. That way, you can have a job, make enough to pay high rent in a place like New York City, Boston and not have to fall back on social services to pick up the rest of the tab for low income families.

Good thing about this is, it leaves the fed. with enough means to focus on other things.

So if someone talks about small government, and cannot constructively explain how to make it work without farmers and other small businesses loosing credits, subsidies and getting gobbled up…then, this is it. This is what I campaigned about as a Mayoral candidate for the city of New York 2013. Too bad my “Kool aid” party got stamped out by the dems. before the city got juiced up.


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