Auntie Maggie taught me well #1 (un-edited)

Older, wiser, living in New York City
and in the race for Mayor, I realize
Auntie Maggie taught me well.
Her process, I apply to a rustic city,
I see, wearing itself out from within.

Individuals, interest groups, I see,
have weakened a democratic system.
City’s invested power, they usurped.
Then the same power, they use
to strengthen position and privileges.

A mercantile system that use to be
a life line for the city, I see reversed,
internalized, then caught
between three evils – money (discontent)
compete easily with property and land.

City’s obligation, peoples’ trust, I see
repudiated, manipulated and getting turned
into absolute properties
that only a few can enjoy
and even push to administer as they see fit.

And amidst all these – discontent,
and a profound lack of sympathy,
I remember Auntie Maggie,
as I remember England in her days
and even in the days before her time.

I remember John Ball, Wat Tyler and Richard II.
And I sincerely hope – taxation or not,
New Yorkers will one day, see, think,
and feel how responsible they are
for who they choose to govern them.

Remember to write my name “SMITHIE” as your write-in candidate for Mayor on the ballot come the 5th of November.



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