Smithie: Why stop-and-frisk failed.

Col. Ray Kelly, please note that stop-and-frisk failed for procedural reasons and the need to be seen performing on the part of NYPD as opposed to keeping strictly to the rules of executing an operation.

The whole shenanigan’s come and gone, with it the publicity, the discord, the star actors… Mind you the illegal guns are still there and (known) illegal gun owners, yet to be apprehended.

Mistake: search and strip once announced, gave illegal gun owners a head start. They knew they could get searched and stripped any day, anytime, anywhere, so, they explore several options. Keep guns hidden at home. Give it to the baby-mama. Hide it in the stroller and let her ferry the piece or get the little youngster to carry it in his/her lunch pack. No matter what! Buy time, stay low and watch the operation blow itself away.

Result: zero. Money and efforts wasted. Illegal guns are still nesting in the community. And street patrol officers are no better than Charlie Brown – failed to produce result every time they search and strip a know culprit.

Could this be that Bloomberg and Kelly are tired or being in office? If so, why not send them to any of those retirement homes in Florida?

I have the benefit of experiencing Scotland Yard’s “operation Bumble Bee” and have seen how effective it was removing illegal guns and traces of firearms from the community. It is with this in mind that I propose “operation Stingray and Purple Duster” as an alternative to search and strip.

First will keep firearms out of the community and second will focus on documenting new arrivals into our communities (incendiaries/terrorists) and any kind of public disruptive activity.

50 years and no parole for illegal firearms (if you survive stingray) is lenient enough to deter others.

That is why I am the best choice for Mayor, city of New York, 2013. And according to Steven Richman, General Counsel of the City Board of Elections, please go out and write my name “SMITHIE” on the ballot – come 5th of November.



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