Smithie to the League of Women Voters in the Bronx.

Smithie for Mayor addresses the League of Women Voters, Bronx, NYC.

A lady walked up and said, “Smithie for Mayor NYC 2013 unh! Tell me something that makes you different.” “Look at it this way,” Smithie the aspiring Mayor replied, “a man, his wife, two kids and a mini sub., all seen loafing around a mini sub. and all got criticized for not testing it out. Okay. Why not? Father quips, then ride. Surprise, surprise, he got blamed for neglecting his family.

Undeterred, but willing to adjust, he beckon to the wife. Wife joins him. And guess what! Both got blamed for being bad parents. Still not deterred, husband and wife agreed to let the kids in, so the kids happily jumped in. Once again the family got berated – reckless endangerment this time.

Too late to hitch back to the submersible bay, so they abandoned the sub. in the ocean, causing environmentalists to charge them with reckless abandonment and polluting natural habitat.

So is politics and such is the life of a politician. Now, rather than abandon you at the last minute, I am ready to handle your views and those of a million voters. And believe it or not, if ever I am seen turning my back on my front door, it is because I am off to work for you.

See, the beauty of an independent is being here for you and for everyone else. So call me the listening Mayor if you will, but please tell me the problems in your part of the world.”

Smithie for Mayor NYC 2013: Abiodun Laurel-Smith will be at the upcoming Mayoral candidates forum, addressing the League of Women Voters and others as part of Bronx Community College President’s Lecture series on 24th of July, 2013. Topics will be on higher education, healthcare, affordable housing and economic development.

Time is at 6.30pm and debate will be held at Gold Memorial Library Auditorium. Located on the college campus at 2155 University avenue in the Bronx.

Thank you in advance for your commitment to this great city of ours.

Sincerely yours,

Abiodun (Abbey) Laurel-Smith (Smithie for Mayor 2013)


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