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#LBGT – a petition for the active minority

LGBT – a petition for the active minority @Quora by @smithiesnewyork: Smithie @POTUS #Trump #LGBT #Gays #Lesbians
That: stigma, prejudice and discrimination created a hostile and a very stressful social environment is not a joke. That it causes mental health problems is an obvious fact. We see it everyday. We experience it everywhere all over our cities. We call it social intimidation, work harassment, classroom bully, bla, bla, bla… the list is endless.

And as we’ve seen in the past few months, the LGBT community have steadfastly exercise the second part of the First Amendment.  
To #thePILGRIMSAlliancePartyOfAmerica and, this is just the beginning, not the end.  
So, consider this as a call out to those active minorities.  
Hiding to conceal your hurt is not helpful. Be loud. Be proud. Be part of a political process. Go beyond exercising the second half of the First Amendment. Be part of your government. Send a listening friend to Congress. Nominate one or support to sponsor one by joining forces with the PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America.
We believe a public policy that encourages rejection based on sexual preference should have no place in America today. What about you?
We believe a public policy that legalize discrimination and give power homophobia thinking (in the name of religion) should have no place in America of today. What about you?
Sign up and let’s

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