Dearest Every One,

You must have heard me on YouTube talking about Made in Urbana: Post-Google, post-Microsoft and post-Facebook mobile apps. Well, to set the record straight, I am not anti-Google, anti-Facebook or anti Microsoft Outlook, no. I am just a developer and with my apps, GutMojo, iGiggled and Margrit Vogt, I will say, I am just redrafting how we use the web without really rocking to re-craft the World Wide Web. The web, the software and the platform is still there, and it will always be there for everyone to use.

But how we chose to use it and protect our privacy is what interest me the most. And that’s what I’ve just focused on with my apps.

See, what is unique about these apps is that: they are humanoid assistants with “off-grid, on-grid and pro-privacy” leanings. To the public, yes, new trend in technology. But as an undercurrent, it has been running from day one internet started – so, not new. It is more like an intranet thing and I’ve just moved us back into that zone.

For example app “Margrit Vogt” is a teaching aid. It is in Apple store worldwide now. Allows a teacher, an instructor or a professor to digitally do a lot of things – right from inside the app on his or her phone and tablet. It is in Apple stores worldwide now… And guess what! I’m not done with the features yet. I still have tons and tons of features to load the app with.

The other app, GutMojo, is a college student’s mobile mini-browser. It is suitable for teenagers from the age of fifteen upwards. And it can also be used by anyone looking for a deal or any type of bargain. GutMojo by itself has tons of capabilities on the go.

As for iGiggled, it is the ultimate app for a new born baby. Put family album under a different light. It is the baby care/household focused app that allows every member of the family to keep contact and stay in touch with each other all day long without using up that family phone plan. Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T. No. Multiple users like nannies, baby sitters, family drivers, maids, busy parents or any authorized user could operate easily from inside the app.

See, in my world, Every Body a Celebrity, Every Fellow a Prince – all worthy of an app, two, three or five. Give me a head up @GutMojo and I’ll fit you up with a bespoke app, tailored to your taste.

And before I forget, my app works offline, online and on all platforms. GutMojo and Margrit Vogt are also available in the Google play storefront as android apps. iGiggled would be launched anytime now.

For more information about investing or wanting a bespoke app for your family, your loved one or your company, please do not hesitate to contact me – Abbey Laurel-Smith at

I’ll be too happy to fit you up with an app most Presidents will be jealous of.

In a week or two, I guarantee you’ll be operating from inside the safety of your own app.

That’s my story so far. I hope to hear from you soon.

Meanwhile, happy cheers! Every One!


Dear Any One,

If you have been following the Ukrainian crisis. I expect you must have notice how far economics and technology have moved in comparison to politics and the art of governance.

Sitting through it all, you must have realized Mr. Putin had rebuilt his people and prepared at least three generations after him for the new shift. And we have not. We still have old Cold War grand Pa’s holding the realm and feeding us with old Cold War fears.

He fed us things we needed to know but kept us from seeing the new face of a diversified Russia – people with Koryo-Saram looks, Turkic looks and a Jewish brigade he kept behind the border in case they have to evacuate Ukrainian Jews and their kind to Khabarovsky or somewhere not too far from Ukraine.

So ask yourself why Russian infrastructure failed to buckle under the threat of sanctions and more sanction. Well, one simple reason is that Russian economy and Russians are more diversified and more inclusive that before.

Secondly, the Gorbachev-Yeltsin era and Wall Street burble and burst has taught Russian investors a hard lesson. They now invest heavily in bonds, properties, mortgage or what is known as fixed income securities.

Ask yourself, did you see any investor abandon assets because of risk and upheaval? No. Because Russia is so interwoven into our system, we are all bound to feel the effect. If Putin decides to make things worse, he could easily strike back at the mortgage backed security market, which will then affect things like university endowment, insurance companies and pension funds.

These types of investments relies more on fixed income security markets, bonds and insurance rather than banks.

Investors realized this. They knew sanctions will not work. In short, the whole thing made Mr. Obama more of a bank robber rather than anything else.

This singular action will not only force Russia banks to develop an alternative to our credit card/visa system, it will also quicken the rate at which Russia, China and India have been developing alternatives to our own system.

One good thing though – we have not been misled to another war based on hazy facts.

Nonetheless, time to cut our banking and economic ties to Politics, Washington and a bunch of old Cold War Senators. They are doing us no good.

Anyway, time to go, I’m sure you know what to do next election.

Fare well.



Good morning,

I have developed apps GutMojo, iGiggled and Margrit Vogt, and still updating them with whatever new technology I am able to get hold of.

What is unique about these apps is that: they are humanoid assistants with “off-grid and pro-privacy” leanings. This is not to say I am anti-Facebook or anti-Google, no. I am just redrafting how we use the web – storing it up without really rocking to re-craft the World Wide Web.

App Margrit Vogt is available at apple stores, GutMojo and iGiggled are yet to be approved.

Please feel free to check out these apps. Inform friends and colleagues about it. And whatever you can all do to help a startup is very much appreciated.

Happy Easter to you all and your family.





Fine if you are a fun loving teenager. Even more fun if you are in high school, college or university. GutMojo is looking for Community Ambassadors worldwide. And you seemed a perfect fit.

As a GutMojo ambassador, you’re expected to have fun with our mobile application. Tag your friend offline, online with our geo-notification tab. Post and view upcoming events in your local area. Take pictures, promote and chat about your local band, enjoy yourself and let loose on those random fun from inside the app.

You can even continue to play your music in the background when the app is locked or you’re outside of the app …and many many more.

Anyway, I’ve GutMojo and so are you. Join me and be the first to introduce your friends to GutMojo – the ultimate college browser. Let’s make this an app for all things teenage life.

GutMojo is a new startup. Free to download this week at Google Play.

Join on facebook and follow on twitter @GutMojo.


And so it was that the tweeter ban @GutMojo finally got lifted. Same “tweeter ban” cost my last campaign for Mayor City of New York a lot.

Why? Aggressive behavior.

Fine, I understand the need to have rules… but thanks anyway.

See you all @GutMojo


This is a clue to Putin’s game rather than his mind or his way of thinking.

When there is no religion, a country and it’s people have nothing else to turn to other than rabid nationalism. That was Hitler’s first mistake. No matter how hard he tried to address it later. It was a turn he couldn’t renegotiate.

Henry VIII, curbed this type of passion or nationalistic fervor by coming up with a state religion guided by laws. Somehow he manage to micro manage every organ of the society by the rule of law – based on freedom, identity and the will of the people rather than his own will as a King. Herod the Great did the same. And now, Mr. Putin.

Henry and Herod were masters of mass publicity, alliance and diplomacy. Mr. Putin is aloof. Capable, yes, but not quite there yet. Like Henry and Herod, Mr. Putin is a builder, a skillful administrator, a defender of territory but not an imperialist.

Moves in the past two weeks have shown that Mr. Putin is after all not a colonizer. An expansionist of a type, maybe. But not the way we have been reported to.

Dig a little here and there and you’ll see that Mr. Putin is well rooted in admin. history and Byzantium techniques. What he has done so far is not too different from James Madison’s 1810 West Florida annexation…with one key exemption – the Presidential claim that West Florida was part of the Louisiana purchase.

We can’t even mention past events in Grenada or Panama because Mr. Putin isn’t even saying, after all the land – Crimea and Ukraine was once part of Russia. So far, he’s left that quipping to others.

Now, could it be because applying (rather than administering) Byzantium tactics allows him to keep towing the line between sovereignty and alliance through indifference means.

One hand, Russians have to be protected and who best do it – people kitted out in winter smocks with no insignia. Legally, you cannot call them soldiers of a type or a kind. You cannot even call them militias because they did not come out shooting, fighting and setting up like Russian volunteers in the battle of Kosare, or any of the former Yugoslav wars.

On the other, you can’t attack him or them because his true soldiers are still massing up for exercise inside Russia, within and around Russian territory of Kaliningrad, and just beyond the Ukrainian border. Like a true Byzantium geek, Mr. Putin will harness the will of the people as the law – while subjecting his own individuality and his own interest to the common goal of all.

In Byzantium, this is ruling as an administrator. Let the professionals manage. Pussy riot and civil disobedience inside a Church comes to mind. They fell foul of the ecclesiastical order and the Church quickly took care of them. Challenging the order of authority is a different thing in Russia and as we have seen, and still seeing, no Russian is willing to send the other to the gaol unless collective.

Two leaders in history – Herod the Great started it. He used it so well he survived to flourish along side Roman rule. Henry VIII used it effectively to build England and it’s navy under the name of reformation. …being cut off from mostly Catholic continental Europe of his time led him to device another way or reaching around the Europe of his time.

Forget about what you might have heard about these two guys in the history class, they are great if not the greatest of nation builders in the history. And did they not build for eternity?

Mr. Putin, doing the same thing now is just being true to the unorthodox root of his people. Whoever comes after him will not be as disciplined and as restrictive.

Imagine if this is all about wine supply and imperialism, rather than Russian security, countries like Moldova and Euro member countries like Bulgaria and Romania would have been gone by now.


The Cupertino based Apple, is a good example of what we need for a call to end to all lines of thinking originating from the Aegean Sea, the Bosphorus and anywhere in the Med. Enough is enough! There is the talk about Asian pivot, but somehow we still get dragged into old world of “border raid and traditional bickering.” I am talking of Ukraine, Iran and others like it.

My attitude is, if our allies are still stuck in their old ways, then it not ours or anybody’s responsibility to help open up a competing trade route to China, Asia.

Forget about NATO. Start an ASPAC. Keep China out and bottled up in their own waters unless they rescind their interest in Taiwan, Okinawa and others islands – Hawaii included. Also, North Korea is less than two hundred miles away from Sarah Palin’s cooking pot. We have a rogue neighbor. We share a common territory. And guess what! I’ve just moved Her Majesty’s border post from Victoria Island back to Hong Kong.

That is why I sketched out the story about the Vulture and the Eagle. Americans, for example are used to the idea of a galant Eagle. They have never been allowed the better side of the Vulture. Whereas in Europe it is different. You harness the quality of both the Eagle and the Vulture to rule the realm. Jove and Hercules are good examples of how Romans used both qualities to bring stability and prosperity to the empire.

Countries like Russia, Great Britain, Israel, France, Germany and a few others have Prime Ministers and Presidents, so none could be seen a brute – or an Eagle ruling the realm. Last time an Eagle raised it’s head in the likes of Napoleon and Hitler, they got quashed. That’s probably why they run to this part of the world begging a “Cop for hire” on one hand, while on the other, their sons and daughters are bagging PHD’s…becoming engineers leaving the “Cop for hire” with the choice of being a machinist – a tool head, a bare knuckle duster and nothing more.

The President as I see it, is a Vulture playing another Vulture – a Mr. Putin, I believe.

Now what happens when two Vultures are at the poker table? Well, the answer is at play in Ukraine. And we better get use to this style. We’ll see more. Mr. Putin hasn’t march into Paris yet, so I don’t have to worry about all my French girlies and their passion for minimal make up, but then I have a couple of Nikita’s too. And you bet! do I not love them all?

The truth is, Eagles and Vultures are not just birds. They are from the same family line. Share the same traits and not too different from each other. Except one thing – the Eagle has a physical “flying” prowess that makes it exuberant, disconnected and arrogant.

Whereas the Vulture is the opposite. A humble mid level flyer. Knows the terrain below it too well as it is never far from its heated resources. Respects the air space above it, because of the cooling opportunity it provides.

The heroic Eagle hunt alone, and with a brute force – bring misfortune on it’s victim. The lack luster Vulture is cumbersome, slow, annoying but blessed with the charm of diplomacy.

The Vulture hang around in packs. Wait patiently before swarm up on a dead prey. And so is not seen as responsible for whatever fate might have led to the end of the victim…


monitor News! Tweet! Chat! …all at once, on your tablet @GutMojo. #Google #play #Android #app. #IOS #update on the way. Cheers mates!


After flying all year round, the tired Eagle on it’s way to hibernate, dropped a bagel on top of a moving target on Madison av. Sadly, it turned out to be Al-Kebabish’s shinning bald head. Saving energy and trying no to hurry to it’s latest kill, the Eagle took time to turn in the air before descending to pick up it’s supposed to be dead prey.

Finally, it got to the spot, but denied landing and access by a group of Vultures, the Eagle settled for a window ledge.

From the vantage point on the ledge, the Eagle noticed the leader of the pack of Vultures, snooping up on a horizontally challenged figure, a man, in fact Al-Kebabish – the Victim of the Eagle’s missile. “Hey, what happened to my kill?” The Eagle shouted. “Listen, you jack ass,” replied an enraged Vulture, “Don’t you know you put us all in danger of being hunted down if you start attacking people going about their jobs?” “Us! What d’you mean us? I am an Eagle. Not a scavenger like you lot!”

“Ah! See whose talking. Bad eyesight, old age or something?” Some in the Vulture pack murmured, as they silently shuffle towards the horizontally challenged figure. Al-Kebabish stirred. The Vulture pack stopped. “Oh Goodness me! He’s alive, …call the ambulance, will ya!.” The head of the Vulture pack shouted, then, skipped over to the side of Al-Kebabish’s cart.

Stunned, the remainder of the pack watched, as their leader swipe the misty side of the aluminum cooler with its feathers. Satisfied with the reflected mirror-like surface, the Vulture then turned to the curiously impatient Eagle on the window ledge and said, “surprised!” “At what?” Quipped the obviously irritated Eagle.

“The image. Our image. Including yours of course.” Said the leading Vulture as it mockingly turn to the rest of the pack and said, “we are a family of birds, aren’t we?” “Yeah!” They all replied in what sounded like E-minor and B-flat all together.

Clearly infuriated by the jolly pack of Vultures, the Eagle controlled itself – safe energy for now and for the coming season. A squirrel scuttles by…

The game play in New York City (the Mayor saying this… and the Governor saying that…) and the crises in Ukraine could be summed up in a manner similar to this….look out for my next set of un-edited posts)

ps: I have always believe in un-edited posts and quick sketches as a good way of seeing how a mind works. Editing is refining and polishing up on structure and the use of certain lingo. Sometimes, I see it as a sauce of battered fries or salad of some sort. Meanwhile I prefer this way. My way. Happy reading.


It’s official! GutMojo launched today. Free app to download on Google Android platform for now. Available worldwide and in different languages. It is loaded with many functions and will be frequently updated…@GutMojo



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