#News: About #missile clubs in #Ukraine and #ex-Soviet territories.

War gaming, scheming and butting heads is all fun until somebody get hurt.

What people in our part of the western world are not aware of is that Eastern Europe and the rest of Russia is full of local clubs – talking civilians and local boys alike, all passionately dedicated to the art of tracking moving objects in space, acquiring it as a target in space and firing missile at it.

It is a tradition for most Russian speakers.

Most notable clubs are in Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Moldovia, Belarus, Lithuania, Georgia and other ex-Soviet Union border countries. Though not exclusive to a certain group, but it should be said that most gamers are Russian speakers. It is there own version of video game. And to them it just like any car racing club in the west.

Denied access to Soviet military grade equipment in those days, they created their own – a copy, based on Soviet tracking consoles. And kept on playing until the dissolution of the Soviet states, when they had access to a massive amount of “real things”

Note: “real thing” in this case does not exclude all types of radars, command and control stations, fixed and portable ordnance, including nukes and miniature nukes.

The truth is Ukraine is littered with all these – weapons and personnels. If in disagreement, then ask yourself, who has sold the most, made the most fortune out of selling, spreading and proliferating Soviet weapons world wide?

The answer is Ukraine. The Chinese carrier Varyag is an example. Pakistan’s main battle tanks is another.

A company of note is Yuzhmash, a defense factory in Eastern Ukraine. It inherited tons of top grade Soviet-era defense industry assets. They have been known to produce space rockets, satellites and missiles (big and small) as well as equipments for civilian use – and still do so today.

With them in Europe, Ukraine will easily become a premier power to reckon with. Without them (the Russian speaking defense industry and infrastructure) Ukraine will almost certainly be a country of vagrants with abundant ex- Soviet Afghan war veterans ( mostly in their late 40′s) off loaded to the care of the EU. – pension, benefit, healthcare and all.

The west have continue training and war gaming against Soviet 1957 era weapons – most of which came from Ukraine, Eastern Europe and North Korea. And for the sake of motherland Russia, the Russian speaking defense industry in eastern Ukraine kept the game going – bought enough time for Putin’s Russia to take the world on a jolly ride of training against old weapons while Russia re-org., develop and sourced out modern alternatives.

Putin’s Russia might have cut ties with old Soviet tech and inventory allowing Russian speaking eastern Ukraine industrialists to sell them off for a huge profit, but price of kinship between them, no. And that is what we are seeing now.

The great game is not supposed to be won, but fascinating, seeing the great gamers taken for a jolly ride.


The #Israeli #Iron Dome as I see it

Pragmatically thinking, the Iron Dome is doing a great job. And could do a lot better if Israeli engineers could look over the Iron Dome again, tweak the radar, the command post’ console and reconfigure the launcher a bit, they will see they have all they need to over ride whatever network (mechanical or electrical) that is behind the launching of missiles from Gaza. They can then intrude to intercept the missiles in flight and at an earlier trajectory, redirect it back to source via a airborne platform – a UAV or an MAV by setting off something akin to an exothermal aurora.

Like the Russian test of 2011 in Orenburg, the aim is to ride over or stay over the missile path (not under) cover an area of about 3km and electronically collect multiple source of launch at the same time redirect all incendiaries back to source.

Not only will they be able to save tax payers a lot of money – considering the cost of each missiles launched, they will also be saving themselves from sending ground troops and also from the embarrassment of being called cruel.


#News – #Rick Perry dissing the #statue of #liberty

In response to Zack’s comment, first of all, always get your facts right before you criticize or dump border issue solely on this administration.  There is more happening and you need to understand the undercurrent before making a one sided statement. What if the border is another of Governor Perry’s statement and appearance by implication, that, “Texas is another country and could not be subjected to “The New Colossus” on the Statue of Liberty?

Anyway, rather than imply, let’s look at this from the point of law, tax, revenue and of course emergency action – if needed and how it should be applied.

Regardless of whether red or blue, the concerned states in this case will be – Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California. You’ll see that as at now, these states have more residents on federal support and in federal employment than any other state in America.

Advantage to them, they pay lower (local/state) tax than the rest of the country. And these concerned states would rather keep their share of (low) revenue – low, and continue drawing more from the federal purse. All the while, state revenue remains low and constant, but federal payments like salaries, pensions and state allocation keeps going up.

Now if you think about this disparity between these states, the rest of America, their revenue, their share of federal funding and compare to New York (New Yorkers) for example, you’ll come to see three things:

First: their state return on taxes to the federal purse shows a low return on income tax they paid on every taxpayer dollar spent. In business and banking, creditors will be seen as ‘default states’ but by law, they are excluded from the federal funding. Because any type of the loans or a guaranteed component of credit does not represent permanent transfer (like salaries or pensions) from the federal government to a state.

Now this brings us to the second issue: think of federal funding as a percentage of state revenue. If these state’s annual revenue is lower than what they are spending or propose to spend, then the extra bit is provided by the federal government.

Yes this extra bit could be found elsewhere, but the best way to prevent New Yorkers from footing the bill is for these states to generate extra revenue. They could easily do it by local state tax hikes. But if New Yorkers have to foot the bill, then key state services would suffer.

Sadly in this case, it is the border rather than the third option: the number of federal employees per capita. As said before, bear in mind that the federal government is a major state provider of workforce and that a large adult percentage in these states population owe their livelihood to Washington.

Now, can you say the same of New Yorkers’? No. So the undertone is why should we bear more burden or what this administration is saying to Rick Perry and others like him is why should the rest of America bear the burden by substituting your expenses if you keep operating on deficit?

See, border issue has always been there. It has been addressed many times, and beefed up by different administrations – including the present one. The Federal govt. is doing what it is supposed to do, but some of these states are not.

For example, this administration has introduced constant drone surveillance and beefed up the DEA and Custom and Excise in numbers and materiel. Now with the draw down and closure of bases in Europe, it is possible to increase border patrol and presence… but according to border/territorial law and not in a para-military way – as some militias in some of these states have been doing.

Meanwhile, some of these states (up till now) won’t pay federal taxes and haven’t pay for decades.

So where is the money for maintaining the current border patrol coming from? Hard working New Yorkers! Paying all kinds of taxes to keep terrorists away from airports, wharfs and loading ports.

Also bear in mind the border is big and huge. It is not like Iraq – 300 miles and still cost how much? $1trl. We are talking Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California.

To monitor these areas require the deployment of at least three Army divisions. Land-lobbing around big army divisions cost money. Keeping them stationed in a place or yoyo-ing cost money. Equipments needs to be maintained, and all personnel need to be paid. More so, soldiers who are trained for war need to be trained and differently equipped for border patrol.

Mind you, deploying troops to a border (or the immediate vicinity of one) shared with another country is a definite call up for brawling.

Guess what! I’d rather made good citizens’ out of these kids than send them back to poverty, punishment and abuse. It is far cheaper in the long run.

Think Emma Lazarus, “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,”

My point here is Governor Rick Perry should just do what the last two President’s told him to do.  “Stop being an “old Democrat” increase local revenue, decrease your dependency on Federal funding and increase your chances of extra allowance and allocations.

image image


#News – #Rick Perry and #President Obama

The #Republican house and the rest of the #Congress voted overwhelmingly in favor of a #foreign war in #Iraq. Provided fund for the war and for #Allies to join in the war effort. Cost trillion of dollars and a lot of #young American lives.

#Federal tax issues and #health care issues in most of these states or not, these same #Republican house led effort to give tax breaks to businesses and the one percent – in the mirrored hope they’ll create jobs here. Well, nobody needed to be reminded of jobs being created abroad.

And when it comes to providing support for #President Obama to combat #border issues and #illegal crossings that affects mostly #Republican states, these same set of life long #Republican Congress have been extremely slow to respond.

Yes, big money is needed to move a section of the military, equipments and provisions needed to help secure the borders in #Arizona #Texas #New Mexico and #California. No quick fix. Any move in this direction is like going to war, so proper #logistic is needed and a #Veteran like #Rick Perry should know better.

With this in mind, I’d say, I am sad to see #Rick Perry take the #American public for a ride and a #publicity stunt on #border issue #immigration and #deportation of mostly #Spanish speaking #toddlers from the #Americas.

Bottom line is #Rick Perry, to most #Texas Republicans in his state is still a closet democrat. To #Democrats, he is a turn coat. He should be beating up on his chosen #Republican Congressmen rather than the #President.

If I were #President Obama, I’ll turn the table on the Governors of Arizona, Texas and New Mexico. Start an aggressive campaign to get every individual voter in #Texas to call up on their Congressman. Tell them to shape up or ship out. Make funds available to secure the borders or get voted out in the coming mid-term election. Period.


#News update – #Japan, a need to be concerned


Not sure what type of brief is being serve the President by his advisers or those Georgetown University gurus, but seeing those Toyota trucks roll into Iraq raised a red flag about Japan and the type of influence big time manufacturers like Fuji, Mitsubishi, Toyota will most likely have once Japan become active in the world of arms, munitions, rockets and other types of armaments.

To any defense minded git – analyst or a briefing officer, these types of trucks are classified as dual purpose items – meaning, they could be exported for commercial use as well as for other purposes. The other in this case should be doubly cursed and classified as small arms. Reason: we are seeing a rebirth of Toyota Hilux aka technical, and it is being used for specific Qaedateinment purpose – military, para-military speaking in Iraq.

Now to all governments contractors and manufacturers, the issue of accountability for these types of items, I mean items within small arms classification – is like dropping a stone in a flowing water. Not only does it sink very fast, it also finds more room to maneuver once it gets to the bottom. And worse, you never can tell exactly where or how it’s going to land.

Yes, Al-Qaeda favors the northern star to navigate the desert rather than a GPS, and the assembly plants for Japanese vehicles could be anywhere. Nonetheless, anyone briefing the POTUS should not underestimate the global presence of these companies. They are like CocaCola, IBM or HomeDepot in China. They are well rooted to sway any government from waging any kind of war.

These companies could and will compete very well with Boeing, BAE, Lockheed Martin and others in defense and armament. In fact they have the same strength in terms of employee resources and power and will definitely outperform their western counterparts in areas of robotics, nanotechnology, electronics, material technology, MAV.

One advantage they have is, unlike the US/UK they have no silicon valley to compete with when it comes to resourcing the best.

To rescue a situation like this. I suggest the President come forward with a re-invented lend-lease program. Bypass export restriction on technology, the house and the conservatives. Make available oil, gas and consumable resources that a country like Japan don’t have in exchange for access, participation and ownership of those things they already have, had already researched, are still researching and proposed to research.

Russia have been providing oil, natural gas, metals and rare earth minerals. North Korea is a transit point and also a provider of rare earth materials. India, probably onions and some other things.

As part of lend and lease agreement, expand the benefit of joint American and British oil, gas, financial and materiel muscle to surrounding countries like Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand in exchange for drilling, excavation, provision of materiels and defense on those conflicting South Asia Islands…


A #statue of #St. Jude for #Bill #DeBlasio

If I have the means, I’ll send a statue of St.Jude to the Mayor, City of New York.

First, minimum wage and affordable housing, then Central Park six, and now ID’s for immigrants. Gosh! I wish everyone could join me in my quest to send a statue of St. Jude to Bill DeBlasio, Mayor, City of New York. He promised to help the hopeless and cater for the need of ordinary New Yorkers. So far so good, he’s lived up to his promise.

And in face of all oppositions, dearest Mayor, another option to exercise will be to execute your right to a “visitant order” It is an executive order that makes all immigrants in the city a guest of the Mayor overnight. It also give them a special status – akin to political asylum, so long as they stay within the city, work and facilitate business in the city and from anywhere all over the world. Guess what! They can also represent themselves – vote and partake in local New York City elections.

With more than a million new voters, well, you have more than enough muscle to mount a formidable challenge to replace Senators like Charles Schumer, Bill Perkins, Cyrus Vance and Governor Cuomo, if they refuse to play ball.

See, I might be a nihilist, but seeing a “utilitarian democrat” like Bill DeBlasio stick up for his belief, I am sure tickle the pratfall out of the progressives in Albany.

He is quite unlike some popular “star” democrats. Most of whom built a career on prison reform, education, tax, middle class, campaign finance reform, green energy and all fashionable stuff. They are still here with us and won’t go away into retirement.

Guess what! We kept voting them into office hoping they’ll come round to do as promised…but politics being the art of doing nothing (as they are known to say) makes my poor self and the rest of the public feel as if still in kindergarten age.

Remember kindergarten age was an age when people dangle carrots – claiming it to be a learning process, before your kinder eyes.

I remember the hundred boxes of corn flakes I had to eat through, hoping to extract toy soldiers. And every time I scored one, two, three or four in a box, they were never the same…or never as good as the picture on the box, talk less of their lasting value as a toy. Meanwhile the kid in me kept on buying more cereals in my search for the ultimate soldier.

Progressive packaging or not, this “kindergarten experience” is an example of what those “star” democrats have been pushing on people – from post civil right period up till now.

They might now how to campaign, but people know how to vote. Let’s make the right choice and fill the congress with a set of younger, forward looking and energetic representatives this mid-term election.

That is why I said, if I have the means, I’ll send a statue of St. Jude to the Mayor, City of New York. But I don’t. And if you agree with what I have to say, please do not hesitate to donate to show your support for this effort.


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